Electric Floor Heating VS Radiator

The most commonly used heating methods on the market are electric floor heating and radiators. Users who are not familiar with them are often confused about whether to install floor heating or radiators. The following is an analysis of the characteristics of electric floor heating and radiators. Consumers should install Which one.

Electric floor heating is currently recognized as the most comfortable and fashionable heating method. It adopts low-temperature floor heating method for heating, "warm feet and cool roof", which is warm and comfortable under the feet, suitable for the needs of human body temperature; the temperature is balanced, the heat dissipation is even, there is no wind blowing, it is not easy to generate floating dust, no noise, and it is hygienic and environmentally friendly.

The radiator is a convection-based heating method. The radiator first heats the surrounding air, so that the air forms convection in the room to achieve the purpose of heating. This heating method is that the temperature around the radiator is high. As the distance from the radiator increases, the temperature decreases, and the temperature difference at the same level is large. This phenomenon is especially obvious in large-space rooms, and the comfort is relatively poor.

1. In terms of comfort, electric floor heating is more comfortable

Anyone who has used electric floor heating knows that floor heating heats up slowly, and it generally takes 24 hours to turn on to achieve the best comfort. The reason is that the floor heating uses low-temperature radiation, the heat dissipation is slow, and a certain process is required to heat the room.

The heating rate of the radiator is much faster than that of the floor heating. Generally, if the radiator is turned on for about half an hour, you can feel the warmth, and there is no need for long-term heating. It can be used at any time, which is suitable for office workers. But the insulation effect is not very good.

2. Compared with energy saving, electric floor heating is more energy efficient

Although floor heating needs to be heated throughout the day to ensure a balanced temperature, wifi electric floor heating is much more energy efficient than radiators. This is mainly because the floor heating uses low-temperature radiation for heat dissipation, and the floor heating has the functions of temperature control and temperature regulation. Although the opening time is long, the power consumption is small.

The radiator belongs to air convection heat dissipation, which requires the water temperature to reach a certain height, and the radiator does not have a temperature control device. After the hot water is cooled, it needs to be heated by circulation, so the energy loss is 30% higher than that of floor heating. In terms of energy saving, floor heating have a clear advantage.

Floor heating is a hidden project with a huge amount of work. In particular, the laying of floor heating pipes should be very careful to avoid the huge catastrophe of water leakage in the later stage, and electric floor heating can only be installed in rough houses. There are two ways to install the radiator: surface installation and concealed installation, and both methods are available for the rough room. Concealed pipes are hidden, the construction is slightly complicated, and the house that has been renovated can only choose the exposed installation method, and the exposed pipes are used. The construction period is short, convenient and fast.