Electric Floor Heating is Promising in the Heating Industry with Its Recognized Advantages

Electric floor heating first emerged in industrialized developed countries such as the United States and Canada where electricity is relatively abundant. With the development of the national market economy, electric floor heating is developing rapidly, and it has become a heating method respected by many heating users. Electric floor heating technology tends to be mature, with a high electric-to-heat conversion rate, supplemented by the intelligent temperature control system, which can effectively adjust the heating process. Whether it is in terms of thermal energy conversion rate or in the process of use, it can achieve the dual purpose of energy saving, emission reduction, and money saving.

1. Compared with traditional heating methods, electric floor heating has unique advantages

Clean and environmentally friendly, avoiding the waste of non-renewable resources such as coal mines, oil, and natural gas. Moreover, smart electric underfloor heating also has a variety of options in the use of electric energy, which can be used for hydropower, wind power generation, as well as emerging environmental protection energy such as nuclear energy and solar energy. These resources are all renewable resources, and there will be no environmental pollution. , and truly realize low-carbon heating.

Electric floor heating can also realize intelligent temperature control and on-demand heating, which can completely avoid the heating imbalance that often occurs in traditional heating methods. The eco floor heating system is independently installed and used independently, avoiding the disadvantages of traditional central heating, and at the same time allowing users to adjust the heating temperature according to their own needs.

2. Electric floor heating uses electricity, and electricity resources are a kind of renewable and clean energy

After decades of development, the national power infrastructure construction has been fully capable of supplying the normal electricity consumption of the public. Moreover, electricity can also be generated by wind energy, solar energy, tidal energy, etc. Not only that but also "surplus electricity" can be deployed by the state, which has laid a solid foundation for the development of electric floor heating.

Many areas have serious environmental pollution and frequent haze. The characteristics of electric floor heating, such as no pollution, no corrosion, no noise, no radiation, and zero emissions, are recognized by the government and have positive significance for environmental protection. Therefore, electric floor heating will be supported by government policies, and there will be a good market environment and good development prospects.

3. The improvement of relevant power supporting measures has also become the driving force for the development of electric floor heating

The renovation project of the old power grid in large and medium cities has been completed, the continuous stability of the power supply has been guaranteed, and the electricity metering method of one household and one meter has also made the implementation of electric floor heating possible. The reform of the smart electric underfloor heating system also promotes the trend of electric floor heating in thousands of households. Relevant policies clearly pointed out that the "coal-to-electricity" policy is advocated. The traditional unit-contracted heating system for employees will be completely stopped, and heating users will directly pay fees to relevant enterprises to truly realize the marketization and commercialization of heating.