Electric Floor Heating is Not Limited by Time and Space, and Has a Wide Range of Applications

Electric floor heating has been widely used in Europe, North America and Asia, South Korea, Japan and other places since the 1950s. It is currently one of the ideal and advanced environmental protection and energy-saving heating methods recognized by HVAC engineering.

1. Electric floor heating products are used more and more widely

The use of traditional central heating requires a lot of supporting facilities, and due to geographical restrictions, the use of gas heating is expensive, and the comfort of air-conditioning heating is not good. Many heating methods are subject to many conditions. Electric floor heating is easy and free to use, and there are not so many constraints. As long as it can be powered on, it can be heated. Compared with traditional heating, it is more convenient and simple, so it is welcomed by many users, and the scope of use is becoming more and more extensive.

Electric floor heating belongs to low-temperature radiant electric heating. The heating body is energized to generate heat. When the ground is heated, along with the upward heat flow, air convection circulation can be formed indoors. The heat generated is slowly rising from the bottom to the top, heating the feet where the human body is most likely to feel cold, and a thermal microenvironment suitable for the physiological needs of the human body. It is favored by many users because of its comfortable, healthy, low-carbon and environmentally friendly features.

From the product point of view, the heating element of electric floor heating is precisely positioned, and the auxiliary materials are relatively simple and transparent, and there is almost no grade distinction. Therefore, when customers choose electric floor heating products, they only need to decide the category they want to buy (electric heating film, heating cable, carbon crystal electric floor heating) according to their own needs and positioning. Subsequent electric floor heating construction technology and auxiliary materials used in construction are almost the same.

2. Electric floor heating is not limited by time and space, and can be heated in advance before the heating season

Electric floor heating can be used as needed, and the temperature can be adjusted with a temperature controller. Electric floor heating is comfortable, convenient and economical. It can save energy through behavioral energy saving and achieve the purpose of social energy saving and emission reduction.

For example, the heating of high-end hotels, villas and office buildings is traditionally used with plumbing or air conditioning. However, the volume of these heating methods will occupy the indoor area, and it is difficult to decorate and beautify. In terms of comfort, the dry heat and floating dust and noise brought by traditional heating and convection heating affect the comfort of living. The electric heating, which is mainly based on low-temperature radiant heating, completely overcomes these shortcomings, and the electric floor heating is not limited by the heating time, and the room temperature can also be adjusted according to your needs.