Electric Floor Heating Has Many Advantages in Energy Saving and Emission Reduction: Saving Money and Effort

In fact, electric floor heating is a very energy-saving product in the heating industry. Electric floor heating has high heating efficiency and stable temperature. It has been used in residences, buildings, apartments and buildings, all of which involve the civil industry. Therefore, in terms of energy conservation and emission reduction, heating cable manufacturers will give priority to energy saving and economy in design and production, so what are the best energy-saving and economical aspects of electric floor heating system?

1. Electric floor heating saves money and effort

The operating cost of the best electric floor heating system is at least one-third lower than that of traditional central heating. There must be some people who have doubts about this figure. Let's analyze it together. At present, the national building energy conservation standards have mandatory requirements, and civil construction must meet the national building energy efficiency requirements. The comprehensive energy-saving index is above 65%, and public buildings must reach the national building energy-saving comprehensive index of more than 50%. If electric heating saves money under such requirements, where will it be saved?

If you use central heating in a building, it will also save money, but central heating will not reduce heating costs because you live in an energy-efficient building, so the problem comes, whether your house is energy-efficient or not, you have to pay the same If your house meets the national building energy-saving standards, your heating and electricity costs will naturally be saved.

If calculated according to the local central heating charge of 25 yuan/㎡, then using electric floor heating in a house whose building energy efficiency meets the national standard, the heating electricity cost per square meter is about 16 yuan, saving 9 yuan. It is a house of 100 square meters, and electric heating can make you nearly 1,000 yuan a year.

2. Electric floor heating is controlled by a thermostat

It can realize the temperature self-regulation state. When the temperature reaches the set value, it can be adjusted to a constant temperature state to ensure that the entire house is in a state of thermal insulation, and there will be no sudden temperature stop or high temperature. The advantages of electric floor heating will be combined with the electricity price. It saves more money and labor, and is a high-performance heat tracing thawing product.