Design Requirements for Boiler Controller Systems

1. Knowledge of boiler controller

The boiler is an energy conversion device. The energy input to the boiler is in the form of chemical energy in the fuel, electrical energy, and thermal energy of high-temperature flue gas. After the boiler is converted, the boiler control cabinet outputs steam, high-temperature water or Organic heat carrier. The original meaning of the pot refers to the water container heated on the fire, and the furnace refers to the place where the fuel is burned. The boiler includes two parts: the pot and the furnace.

The hot water or steam generated in the boiler can directly provide the required thermal energy for industrial production and people's life. The boiler control cabinet can also be converted into mechanical energy through a steam power device, or into electrical energy through a generator. Boilers that provide hot water are called hot water boilers, which are mainly used in life and also have a small amount of applications in industrial production.

2. Design requirements of boiler controller

The boiler controller system is an important device of the boiler, and its design and use should be very careful. So what are the design requirements of the boiler controller? The design requirements of the boiler controller are as follows:

(1) The boiler controller must be powered independently, and must not be connected in series. The computer controller (including other weak current equipment) should use a separate phase for power supply in the control cabinet, and no other strong current equipment should be arranged in this phase. Contactor control circuit (coil circuit), single-phase water pump, solenoid valve, etc. and computer controller power supply should not use the same phase.

(2) The zero line of the boiler controller power supply should be directly connected to the zero line copper bar, and if there is no zero line copper bar, it should be directly connected to the zero line of the power supply incoming line. The neutral line of the computer controller power supply should not be connected in series with the neutral line of other equipment.

(3) The control cabinet should have a good grounding device, and there should be a solid door-to-door grounding wire between the cabinet door and the main body of the control cabinet. There should be a good and reliable electrical connection between the computer controller shell and the control cabinet door.

(4) If the water level electrode (water level electric contact) is used to measure the water level of the boiler drum, the input end of the electrode common line of the computer controller should be connected to the measuring drum, and if there is no measuring drum, it should be connected to the boiler shell. The electrode common wire should not be connected to the ground wire, let alone the power neutral wire, otherwise the computer controller may be burned.

(5) The installation distance between the boiler controller system on the panel of the high-power control cabinet and the high-power indicator lights, buttons and switches should be greater than 200mm.