Confused about How to Set the Thermostat? The General Way to Set the Thermostat is as Follows

By installing a programmable thermostat, energy can be saved and heating costs can be saved. This kind of thermostat can reduce the heat in the room when the user is not at home, and increase the temperature again before the user goes home. Next, I will share with you how to use a programmable thermostat.

1. How to use a programmable thermostat (The thermostat allows you to quickly and easily control the home temperature.)

  • The first step of programming is to install a programmable thermostat. Install a battery for continuous operation in the event of a power failure or to provide normal operating power.

  • Program the smart thermostat floor heating according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. There are two different setting methods: device local setting and APP setting. The local settings of the device are set in accordance with the instructions one by one time period; the thermostat with intelligent control function can often be set on the APP, and the setting key surface is more intuitive and convenient.

2. How to set the thermostat correctly in home or vacation mode

  • As for how to use a programmable thermostat at home, you can choose to set different temperatures for different times of the day. For example, you may want the stove to heat the room to 20 degrees Celsius at 4:00 PM, and then reduce it to 5 degrees Celsius after you go to work at 8:00 AM. Most electric programmable thermostats allow a setting frequency of four times a day and twice on weekends. Pearl thermostat supports up to 12 times a day.

  • Now set the weekend in the same way. You can choose to go to the weekend time period. Since you may go home on the weekend, you may want the stove to run more frequently. Press the Saturday button to set the time and temperature you want, and then press the program again to set Sunday. Some programmable thermostats can also directly copy setting information.

This is one of the powerful functions of a programmable thermostat, which can be adjusted according to your personal needs.