Answers to Electric Floor Heating Questions: Let You Buy with Confidence and Use with Warmth

The electric floor heating system has become the latest characteristic marketing method for the hotel to attract customers, which brings more convenient, novel and favorable development space to the hotel. The electric floor heating ground radiant heating system uses electricity as the energy source, the heating cable as the heating body, converts the electrical energy into heat energy, and uses the indoor floor of the building as the heat dissipation surface, and supplies the indoor heating through the ground in the form of radiation and convection heat transfer. 

The electric floor heating system meets all the heating needs of the hotel. Environmental protection, comfort and health are undoubtedly what customers are very concerned about. In the cold season, when the electric floor heating system is used, the hotel management can also set the temperature of the room by time-sharing through the central remote control system to meet the comfort needs of customers. At the same time, customers can also set their own preferred temperature, to meet the needs of different groups of people. The advantage of the hotel's use of electric floor heating is particularly prominent, which is also a major feature of the hotel to attract customers.

1. What is the composition of the electric floor heating system?

The electric floor heating system is composed of ground layer, thermal insulation layer, structural layer, heating cable, power supply, thermostat and other small accessories. Generally, the installation method of concrete backfill is adopted. Even heat tracing, comfortable, environmentally friendly and healthy.

2. Can the electric floor heating system control the temperature like an air conditioner?

The electric floor heating system can realize the temperature control, temperature adjustment and opening and closing of the room by installing the temperature controller. Room temperature can be set, timed operation, etc. It can even intelligently program one week and schedule control. Very comfortable, and can effectively save energy and control costs.

3. What are the requirements for the ground material of the electric floor heating system?

Electric floor heating system requires floor decoration materials with low thermal resistance, low water absorption, and small expansion and deformation. Generally, solid wood composite floors for floor heating are used.

4. What is the role of concrete backfill in electric floor heating system?

The function of the filling layer is to protect the heating element-heating cable; the second is to store heat, so that the floor heating is more balanced.

5. Is there a danger of electric leakage in the electric floor heating system?

Electric floor heating systems will have two electrical safety protection measures: leakage protection and grounding protection. And the heating cable has a shielding layer to prevent electromagnetic radiation. And the whole heating cable has no external connector, so it is very safe.

6. Does electric floor heating consume electricity?

Different buildings have uneven thermal insulation performance, so under the same energy-saving standard conditions, the operating cost of electric floor heating is moderate, especially if there are discounts on peak and valley electricity prices, the advantages of electric floor heating will be more obvious.

The service life of electric floor heating products is usually more than 50 years, which is the same as that of buildings, which is obviously more cost-effective than air conditioners with a service life of about 10-15 years. The use of electric floor heating in hotels and the further expansion of the application field are also a preliminary demonstration of its development potential. With the characteristics of comfort, health, environmental protection and conservation of electric floor heating systems, electric floor heating systems will be applied and popularized in more fields.