Analysis on the Attention Points of Electric Floor Heating to Reduce Energy Consumption

Electric floor heating is comfortable, healthy, environmentally friendly and economical, and is welcomed by many users, but many users report that the power consumption for later use is too large. Therefore, many users who intend to install electric floor heating will think that the electric cost of electric floor heating is high. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding of consumers about electric floor heating. Compared with the most common air conditioners, in fact, to achieve the same heating effect for houses of the same area, the usage fee of electric floor heating is actually lower.

1. Electric floor heating is not ready to use

During the day, the floor heating temperature can be lowered to keep it running at a low temperature, and then the temperature can be adjusted to a comfortable room temperature after returning home from get off work. The temperature of individual rooms that are not frequently used can be lowered. The floor heating system can only be turned off when there is no one in the home for a long time. The mode should be selected first.

2. Reasonably set the heating temperature of electric floor heating

Reasonable setting of electric floor heating heating temperature is the most critical point to realize electric floor heating energy saving. If you set the heating temperature in winter at 16°C to 18°C, the actual temperature of electric floor heating should be 19°C to 21°C, which is 2°C-3°C higher than normal air heating or other heating methods. And from the feeling of the human body, the most comfortable temperature of the normal human body is 18 ℃ to 22 ℃ is the best.

3. When using electric floor heating, do not open the windows too frequently for ventilation

Warm and closed spaces are prone to breeding bacteria. It is necessary to open windows for ventilation when floor heating is running, but it should not be too frequent, and it is best to choose ventilation at noon when the sun is shining.

4. Electric floor heating makes rational use of peak and valley electricity

When using wifi electric floor heating, you can use the valley electricity at night to slightly increase the temperature, so that the floor heating can store heat at night; during the peak electricity time during the day, the temperature can be lowered, so that the heat stored at night can be released and the power consumption will be low.

5. The electric floor heating wall insulation

The energy saving of electric floor heating is first related to the insulation status of the wall. If the wall is insulated, the energy consumption must be small and the cost will be low. If considering the need to install electric floor heating, strategies such as double-layer windows or external wall insulation should be adopted during the decoration to improve the thermal insulation performance of the residence. This is the foundation of solving the problem and reducing energy consumption.