Analysis of the Advantages of Electric Floor Heating over Hot Water Heating

1. Advantages of electric floor heating over hot water heating

Electric floor heating is a heating method in which the heating cable with the upper limit of the allowable operating temperature on the outer surface of 65 °C is buried in the floor, the heating cable is used as a heat source to heat the floor, and the room temperature or floor temperature is controlled by a thermostat to achieve ground radiant heating. The water floor heating uses hot water with a temperature not higher than 60 ℃ as the heat medium, which circulates in the heating pipe embedded in the filling layer below the ground to heat the entire floor and realize the heating method of ground heating. Advantages of electric floor heating over hot water heating:

(1) The initial investment of water heating gas furnace is relatively large, and it is not cost-effective if it is only laid in a small area; while the laying cost of electric floor heating is basically only related to the area, and it is more convenient to lay a small area, which is convenient for decoration and furniture placement.

(2) The floor height of water floor heating is slightly higher than that of electric floor heating by about 2cm, so the heat transfer rate is slower than that of electric heat; the floor height of electric floor heating is lower than that of water floor heating, and the installation is convenient.

(3) Electric floor heating has a high heat conversion rate, and the heat transfer rate is faster than that of water heating.

(4) Water floor heating boilers need maintenance, descaling, surface water pipes need to be cleaned, etc., and have a long service life (more than 50 years), while electric floor heating uses electricity, which is basically maintenance-free and does not need cleaning.

(5) Water floor heating boilers need to burn coal, which causes environmental pollution, while electric floor heating is a clean energy and pollution-free.

(6) Electric floor heating can be used to adjust the room temperature with a thermostat, which can achieve time and room control and achieve the most economical effect.

2. Electric floor heating can provide health care, and there is no fear of cold in winter

Electric floor heating heating systems use electricity as energy and do not produce any harmful substances. It is a healthy and comfortable heating method recognized all over the world. In terms of comfort, electric floor heating products are in line with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine for human health care because of "heat from the feet, warm feet and top cool", in improving human blood circulation, promoting metabolism, treating rheumatism, maintaining strong human energy, helping sleep, It has a good promoting effect on improving skin moisture and beautifying skin care.

For the elderly, the resistance is weak, and it is easy to get old cold legs, rheumatism and other diseases in the cold winter. Electric floor heating systems can alleviate these problems. The advantages of electric floor heating and intelligent floor heating, such as health preservation, health care effects, cleanliness, and no noise, can make the elderly feel physically and mentally comfortable, thereby avoiding the occurrence of diseases. Electric floor heating is a mature technology, which has excellent performance in energy saving, comfort, thermal stability, temperature control, space saving, hygiene, and diversity of heat sources.